Diabetes Diary

Beetis app is designed to simplify the process of collecting and monitoring diabetics' data


Share data with your relatives

Observation feature allows you to browse users measurements, charts and stats, and make a data input on behalf of the user

Observation can only be established with the consent of the user and canceled at any time

Enabling observation is easy - just scan qr-code on your device

The observer can flexibly configure notifications on user actions or inactivity

User may have several observers, while observer may have several users


Carbs Calculator

Fast and friendly BU calculation

Pick products from the large food database

Calculate carbohydrates and calories "on the fly" by product weight

Reverse-calculate portion weight based on required BU

Create your own complex dishes with automatic calculation of nutrition facts and subsequent saving in the food database

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Nightscout Data

Beetis works with Nightscout in two modes:

Downloads data from your existing Nightscout server or

Acts as Nightscout server and accepts data from X-Drip, Glimp and other CGM-compatible devices

Get notified of low / high glucose, low host battery, or no signal

Go to setup instructions Available from app version 1.2.0


Bolus Wizard

Calculate bolus insulin by means of Bolus Wizard during meal

Maintain Insulin-to-Carbs Ratio (ICR)
or Carbs Ratio (CR)
depending on the carbs
unit of measure - BU or grams

Maintain Insulin-to-Carbs Ratio
depending on the time of day

Pick up the insulin rounding profile


Determine three components of insulin:

for meal


active insulin

Adjust the carbs or target glucose value after rounding

Detailed insulin calculation results

Beetis App Screenshots

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Beetis pricing policy

Subscription can be done in the app in the "user profile" section and can be cancelled at any time


0 /mo

for observer

  • Observation feature
  • Food Database
  • No ads
  • Up to 10 users
  • Enter measurements*
  • Carbs Calculator*
  • Bolus Wizard*
  • Nightscout Data*

* - when observing user with subscription

"Monthly" plan

1,49 /mo

for user

  • Observation feature
  • Food Database
  • No ads
  • Up to 10 observers
  • Enter measurements
  • Carbs Calculator
  • Bolus Wizard
  • Nightscout Data

Free trial 7 days


Note! Prices may vary for your local country store due to local taxation

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Main data entry screen can be configured as you like. Click on the "gear" button in the upper right corner and select indicators you are interested in, e.g. "Weight" and "Calories". You can even change the sequence of indicators by changing their places in the settings.

User enters data in the app and allows Observers to monitor this data.

E.g., the child with diabetes could be a User, while his parents could be Observers.

User may configure notification and reminder rules according to his will, while Observer's notification rules are based on User's events.

E.g., a kid forgot to enter glucose measurement during his lunch, and his mother will receive a corresponding notification.

Observer can see: User's nickname, medical parameters, measurements history, User's charts and stats, User's subscription status and expiration date.

Observer cannot see any personal data like User's e-mail, name, surname, sex or application settings.

Yes, they can. In order to make this happen, User should allow Observer to make such kind of records. Observer can also delete or change existing User' records.

BU is the “Bread Unit” used in a number of countries to calculate carbohydrates. It is called so because one cut of bread (1 BU) contains approximately 10 - 12 grams of carbohydrates.

You may specify your own BU convertion factor. Enter the "Profile" → "Parameters" section and put your own value into the "Number of carbs in 1 BU" field. All product cards and measurement data will be converted automatically.

If you enter into your account during web-site usage, you'll see the proper convertion in the "Food Database" section as well.

You can edit any food card as you need. This change will be applied for your account only.

If you noticed any major error in the product components - drop us an e-mail support@beetis.io, but kindly remember that product composition is approximate and may differ by tens of percent for the same product from different manufacturers.

Still Have Questions? Look in FAQ or in User Manuals

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