Last Version

1.3.2 2023-08-10 Download 1.3.2

Added progress bar when entering the application

Fixed calculation logic for charts and statistics of insulin pumps

App crashes and errors fixes

Version History

1.3.1 2022-05-13

Fixed issue with no carbs entry in Bolus Wizard

1.3.0 2022-03-21

Bolus Wizard added

Fixed issue with incorrect error message at the registration / login screen "incorrect e-mail format"

Minor stability fixes

1.2.0 2022-02-15

Nightscout integration added

The ability to load data from X-Drip and Glimp added

"Guess Glucose" metric added

"Injection Fact" metric added

Fixed bug with subscription cancellation with no internet connection

Fixed bug, allowing user to save the data with unconfirmed email

Changes in the synchronization algorithm for big amount of data

Fixed bug with application dump at the Huawei devices

Changes on the registration screen: hints and highlights

Stability fixes

1.1.5 2021-10-05

Fixed app behavior after the trial period expiration

1.1.3 2021-09-28

Fixed bug upon the empty comments save

Minor stability fixes

1.1.1 2021-09-14

Huawei devices support at AppGallery

Fixed app behaviour for users with unverified e-mail or missing subscription.

Fixed bug when Observer may add insulin for the User.

Fixed bug on the food card text length during food card change.

Fixed message for the incorrect registration attempt.

Minor stability fixes

1.0.7 2021-08-27

Fixed bug at the "Forgot you password" screen

Minor stability fixes

1.0.6 2021-08-23

Fixed bug with displaying insulins in the records history after their first customizing

1.0.5 2021-08-19

Reminder rule “every” is extended for 72 hours

Fixed bug on the charts screen navigation

Fixed bug on indicators update during manual time set

Fixed bug on the product re-editing

Fixed bug on the customizing the display order of the selected indicators

Fixed bug on the history data filtering

Minor stability fixes

1.0.4 2021-08-11

Fixed error message when trying to register with an empty email

Fixed bug with updating the food catalog after saving the food card

Fixed bug with display of some indicator icons

Fixed error when saving carbs calculator without entered data

Fixed error message when changing the pressure in the history of records

Fixed wrong screen display after registration

1.0.2 2021-08-02

Initial Android version

Data input

Food database

Carbs Calculator

Measurements History




Russian and English languages support